Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Backup and Restore Windows 8 App Data

Backup and Restore Windows 8 App Data:
Windows 8 has many new features when compared to previous version of Windows 7 and one of them is the new Windows Store which allows you install apps using your Microsoft ID. But when you install Windows 8 apps, you cannot change the location or get data directly from the install location unlike the software installations in Windows 7. There might be instances where you want to backup your Windows 8 apps data because you are doing a clean install of Windows 8 or installing it on another PC.
Windows 8 App Data Backup is one useful freeware tool for Windows 8 which allows you to take a backup of the data from the installed apps and this can include settings, points, game levels etc. You can restore it back to new installation.
Windows 8 app data backup
The app is portable and you just need to run the app and select the apps to take a backup of. It populates the list of all installed Windows 8 apps and allows you to select the ones which you want to take a backup of. Please note that the app only takes the data from the apps and not the app itself. Once you have taken a backup, to restore, first you need to have all the applications installed on the new machine.
If you have all apps installed, you can easily restore the settings using this free tool.
Download Windows 8 App Data Backup [ Via Technospot]

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