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6 Awesome Dialer apps for Windows Phone

6 Awesome Dialer apps for Windows Phone:
Just like any other dialer app for smartphones, Windows Phone 8 also features a good dialler where you have the option to search for any contact, history, voicemail etc. But at the same time quite a lot of functions are missing like the ability to search names while you type number or contacts deeper integration with the dialer. Well in such cases, you can search for alternative dialer apps for your Phone.
Similar to other platforms, Windows Phone app store also features quite a lot of dialer apps, some of them free and some of them paid ones. In this article we are listing some of the best available dialer apps for Windows Phone 8.
1. RapDialer :
RapDialer is without doubt one of the best dialler apps available in the app store. RapDialer aims at providing rapid dialling experience on Windows Phone in Metro style. The app is fast and fluid and has complete integration with contacts and also supports gestures. It also features fast full-text search with T9 keypad. The free version has no feature limitations but little ads in Settings page.
RapDialler RapDialler1
2. Metro Dialer:
Metro Dialer allows you to dial your phone number in Metro style. Changing your colors of your phone will change the color of this app. It contains 2 themes (a classic rotary phone and a button phone) with different sound effects and different tiles.
Metro dialler Metro dialler1
3. Phone Dialer:
Phone Dialer is yet another free app which supports T9 predictive input while dialling. It provides Fast and smart search against your contacts using T9 and transliterate. This app does not have the option for speed dial.
Phone dialer Phone dialer1
4. Rotary Dialer Free:
Rotary Dialer provides an option to Turn the rotary such as the telephones in the 20th century. This is a real classic / retro-themed rotary dialer for the Windows Phone.  Turn the rotary and call your friends and change your modern smartphone in a classic rotary phone.
Rotary dialer Rotary dialer1
5. Truedialer:
Truedialer is a smart phone dialer which searches for your friends and contacts using a simple numeric dial pad. Truedialer even connects to all the white and yellow pages of the world giving you instant access to information about people your about to call AND let’s you save that information simply by the click of one button.
Truedialer Truedialer1
6. Easy Dial:
Easy Dial is a simple dialler to copy and paste numbers, search phone book via Numeric keypad in T9 style, to edit a number before calling and to have one touch access to the keypad from the start screen via a live tile.
Easy Dial Easy Dial1
Apart from these apps, there are quite a lot of other dialer apps like Super Dialer, Rotary Phone and Smart Dialer.

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