Monday, March 4, 2013

Adwords Editor 9 8 1 Google Adsense

Contextual Targeting Tool

The Contextual Targeting Tool automatically builds keyword lists that can be used to show your ads on relevant webpages across the Google Display Network. Tightly-themed keyword lists are the basis of effective contextual targeting, and with the Contextual Targeting Tool, you dont have to build them manually. In minutes, you can build dozens, even hundreds, of keyword lists, scaling your campaign performance while ensuring accurate targeting for your ads. Could it be any easier?

Why youd use it

Whether youre using text or display ad formats on the Display Network, the Contextual Targeting Tool gets you more clicks and conversions for your campaigns and helps you do it more quickly. This tool lets you build hundreds of ad groups in minutes and instantly scale your campaign performance while ensuring accurate targeting and control over your campaign.

Choose keywords for your Display Network campaigns

Choosing keywords for a Display Network campaign is like playing matchmaker for your friend: You want to pick keywords, or potential mates, that best fit your campaign, or picky friend. For example, if your friend likes to hike, you might pair her with someone who enjoys the outdoors.
Here are three things you should do when choosing keywords for your Display Network campaigns:
  • Create ad groups for your products or services so we can show ads related to them.
  • Choose keywords that your customers would use to describe your products or services and keywords that are related to each other.
  • Get ad group and keyword ideas or see potential placements using our Contextual Targeting Tool.

Download Adwords Editor 9.8.1  (adwords-editor-en-US.msi)

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