Monday, March 18, 2013

Microsoft Publisher 2007 2010 Tutorial Working with Columns

You can create columns manually by creating multiple text boxes or by dividing a single text box into columns. As you create columns with Publisher, a set of guides (like the page margins) are added to the text box. Creating Columns Balancing Columns Creating Columns Placing text into columns is one text layout option. Columns help to shorten the text line for your readers while also giving your publication a more professional look. Creating Columns: Using Layout Guides Using Layout Guides to create columns will assure you of uniformly sized (width) and evenly spaced columns of text. Layout guides will help you determine the width and placement of your text boxes; this particular method allows you to violate the column layout if desired (e.g., for headlines).First, establish the layout guides; then, create the text boxes. 1. From the Arrange menu, select Layout Guides… The Layout Guides dialog box appears.

 download Microsoft Publisher 2007/2010 Tutorial Working with Columns

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