Saturday, March 30, 2013

Microsoft Word Mail Merge Tutorial

MS Word’s Mail Merge function, aside from letting you generate form letters also lets you easily create mailing labels.To do this, click on Tools, then Letters and Mailings, then select the Mail Merge Wizard. There are pre-cut mailing labels available, and it is easy to configure the mailing labels to fit the size of your label. Click on Label options.Select the kind of printer you will be using to print the mailing labels, and then select the brand of your label.When you have selected a brand, it will show the different models available for the brand. The details of each label will be shown. It is important to select the correct label as each label come in different sizes.You can use an existing list from a previous mail merge session or from an Excel file, pick recipients from your Outlook contacts or type a new list. In this example, we will use an Excel spreadsheet.

Get from here to download Microsoft Word Mail Merge Tutorial

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