Monday, April 1, 2013

2003 Frequently Asked Questions Microsoft Visio

Visio 2003 is a drawing and diagramming solution that helps people transform business and technical concepts into visual diagrams. Use Visio to formulate, document, and communicate important information and make a professional impact on your audience. Graphics can be a powerful way to communicate information, but most graphics software packages require users to have artistic skills to render effective images; Visio is intended for people who feel uncomfortable drawing freehand but who need visuals to help relay important information.

Create diagrams with Visio 2003 using formatting tools and predefined Microsoft SmartShapes® symbols; add backgrounds, titles and page borders. Q. Who can benefit from using Visio? A. Just about anyone can benefit from using Visio. 2003 Frequently Asked Questions Microsoft Visio Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2003 helps business professionals easily create diagrams that can help them demonstrate how their business operates. For technical users such as IT professionals, software developers, engineers, and space planners, Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003 provides comprehensive diagramming tools that can help communicate technical information through simple diagrams.

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