Tuesday, May 14, 2013


office to Android

Microsoft will finally provide the Office productivity suite to Android tablet users through Google Chrome.  At present, only Windows 8 tablets and iPads get to use the Office suite and although Android tablets have their own Google Docs and Drive, some users still prefer Microsofts because a lot of people at work, school and in business use Office for document creation.
Furthermore, Microsoft would like various users to be able to change and edit shared documents on their web application, much like they can on the Google Docs.  However, Microsoft is known to always command "steep" yearly prices/subscription for their products and this might not sit well with Android fans, who are used to free web office apps like the Google Docs and Drive.  Lets hope for an affordable one-time fee for the Microsoft Office for Android.  Check-out the video and see what your Android tablet can accomplish with the 365 Office Suite from Microsoft.

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