Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Second Look at the MyPhone A888 Duo Courtesy of Biggs

One of out readers, Biggs think that the MyPhone A888 Duo is one of the most underrated phones in the Philippine market and is not getting enough attention from local tech sites. I am not sure about that, but looking at the past seven days hits on this blog, the MyPhone A888 Duo post, is the second most popular on this blog at this time.

Biggs asked me to do a review. I really only gather information from third parties, mainly trying to ferret out what tech news is relevant to Philippine readers, so am very happy to post actual user feedback. 

He makes several solid points so I asked permission to repost his comment as a blog post (with some edits):

  • 4.5" IPS + QHD resolution – The size is perfect (not overly large like the 5" and above "phablets") and the DPI is still high enough to have a sharp screen.
8.9 mm thick but still with a 1800 mAh battery – Slim without compromising battery life.

  • 8 MP camera with dual-LED flash – This is the only locally rebranded phone which comes with a dual-LED flash.

Dual-microphone - The noise-cancelling feature makes for good voice calls. This is the only locally rebranded phone to have this feature.

  • Button placement (left side volume keys at right side power key) – This is the correct configuration of buttons, especially for one handed use by right handers.

  • Notification light – This is a really useful hardware-feature. No need to unlock the screen to find out if you got a text or missed call. This is the only locally rebranded phone to have this feature.


TV-out - This is the only locally rebranded phone to have this feature other than the MyPhone A787. Is there another?

  • 5-point multi-touch – The display responsive is great for SMS and gaming.
  • 60 FPS UI – The user interface of this phone is smooth.

So, what do you think, is the MyPhone A888 Duo is the low cost smartphone for you?

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