Monday, September 23, 2013

How to take a Screenshot on Windows 8 Smart Phone

Do you own a Smart phone working with Windows 8 Operating system like Nokia Lumia 920. HTC Windows 8S, Samsung ATIV S? Have you ever tried to take a screenshot on your smart phone?  It is very easy to capture the screen of your smart phone. Read this article to know the procedure of taking screenshot on your Windows 8 Smart phone.
Microsoft had released Windows 8 operating system for smart phones this year after the success of Windows 8 operating systems for computers.  After that different companies released many smart phones using this operating system . Some of them are Nokia Lumia 720. 920, HTC Windows 8s, Samsung ATIV S etc.

To take a screenshot on Windows 8 phone:
It is very easy to take screen shot on Windows 8 smart phones. There is no need of installation of special applications for taking screenshots. Screen can be captured easily by using shortcuts.  To take a screen shot, Hold down the POWERand START buttons simultaneously.  POWERbutton is at the right side of the phone and the START button is the middle button on the front side of the phone. Then screen will be captured and image will be stored in the ScreenShots folder in Pictures or Photos hub.   Take care that both are pressed simultaneously.  If you press only one, then screen will not be captured.

However you can also capture the screen by downloading and installing some Windows phone applications.

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