Saturday, September 7, 2013

Samsung S5280 Galaxy Star

Samsung has released its latest low cost Android phone in the Philippines, the Samsung Galaxy Star. The new offering comes with Android 4.1.2, Jelly Bean. Other than that, everything about it feels real obsolete.

The Galaxy Star has a 3-inch, 240 x 320 display. A 3-inch display is really too small to do anything more than messaging and social networking on a smartphones. The 240 x 320 resolution is below Android original 320 x 480 specification, so can expect some apps to be incompatible. Behind the low resolution display is an unimpressive single core ARM Cortex A5 processor and 512 MB of RAM.  Looking at all the specifications, I really do not find anything which makes paying Php3,950 for a star. There are dozens of better phones at the 3-4K price range.

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