Friday, September 20, 2013

The price of Galaxy S4

The price of Galaxy S4
Many would be tempted to say that Samsung Galaxy S4 is a bit expensive, considering that just a few days ago AT&T announced that it will start to take preorders for the Galaxy S4, and with experience that AT&T has in the field, it will certainly be able to take a consistent amount of preorders for this high-performance smartphone.
At first glance, Galaxy S4 looks very much like Samsung Galaxy S3, but Samsung Galaxy S4 is an improved version of its predeccesor, and for this reason, I believe the price announced is correct.

The main competitors for Galaxy S4 are IPhone 5 and HTC One, but Samsung has the advantage that came first from the production line, thus having well advanced before the two others smartphones are released.

AT&T has already confirmed that the price for Galaxy S4 will be $249, and AT&T will begin taking preorders since April 16. Informations available so far indicates that at this price Galaxy S4 will be available with a storage capacity of only 16 GB, buyers will have the opportunity to increase the storage capacity to 32 GB or even 64 GB, depending on their needs.

According to rumors, AT&T will sell the HTC One at the same price of $249, it remains to be seen if this rumor comes true though. Now Im curious at what prices other carriers will take preorders for the Galaxy S4, I am convinced, however, that the price of $249 will be for the option of 32 GB, while for Galaxy S4 with 16 GB storage capacity, we will have to pay probably only $149. You can view other items from the same category on this blog, even for preorders with substantial bonuses.

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