Friday, October 11, 2013

Announcement AT T to report 4Q results

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AT&T Inc., the largest telecommunications company in the U.S., reports its fourth-quarter results before the stock market opens Thursday.
WHAT TO WATCH FOR: AT&T is about to lose its exclusive grip on the iPhone, as Verizon Wireless will start selling its version on Feb. 10. WHY IT MATTERS: AT&T had 84.9 million wireless customers (excluding some low-revenue customers, like those using Kindles) and 45.1 million landlines at the end of the last quarter. WHATS EXPECTED: Analysts polled by FactSet expect AT&T to earn 54 cents per share, on sales of $31.49 billion. LAST YEARS QUARTER: AT&T originally reported a profit of $3 billion, or 51 cents per share. Revenue totaled $30.9 billion.

Now that the Verizon (News - Alert) Wireless iPhone 4 has gone from rumor to truth, Big Red announced its unlimited data plan will hang out for a while after the launch. However, Verizon Wireless is differing itself from AT&T’s (News - Alert) plan offering and turning its version of the iPhone 4 into a mobile hotspot. For a limited amount of 2GB of data, VZW’s iPhone 4 hotspot feature comes with a $20 per month price tag (News - Alert), which is the same price other VZW smartphone users pay to use their devices for tethering. The 2GB hotspot will allow up to five users simultaneously, allowing users within range of the iPhone to surf the Internet via a computer or any other Internet-ready device. The $20 hotspot plan is in addition to Verizon’s other data plan offerings.

When Verizon announced itd be carrying the iPhone, the company highlighted the ability to use the handset as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot as one of the key differences between the Verizon iPhone and the AT&T iPhone. So if you sign up for the Verizon iPhone with its $30-per-month unlimited data plan, the hotspot feature will not leverage the same unlimited data as the handset itself. For comparison, AT&T doesnt offer a personal hotspot feature for the iPhone but it does offer a $20-per-month "tethering" feature that allows you to connect your iPhone to a computer via the USB cable or Bluetooth connection and share its 3G data that way.
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