Monday, October 21, 2013


Flowcharts are used to create diagrams in Microsoft PowerPoint. To draw a Flowchart go to the Home Tab and click the Down Arrow to access Flowchart (Figure 17. ). Once the Drawing toolbar is open, click and hold on the AutoShapes button until a side menu appears. Continue holding down the mouse while you drag the cursor over to Flowchart , and then to the desired shape (Figure 17). The cursor will appear as crosshairs. Position these crosshairs where you want to place the flowchart in your document and click and drag to the desired size. You can then use the Drawing toolbar to fill this shape with words and/or pictures/color.. When trying to enhance your word document you may want to include Clip Art and/or Word Art . Microsoft PowerPoint comes with a Clip Gallery that contains a large variety of images including pictures, borders, and backgrounds. To find a desired image, you can either click on topics or type in the search box to find exactly what you are looking for. To insert Clip Art : Go to the Insert Tab and select Clip Art . and then select the desired picture in the Clip Gallery and click insert. The picture will be inserted at the location of your cursor within your document. If you need to modify your Clip Art , click on it once to select it, and small boxes will appear around the corners. Once your Clip Art is selected, you can resize your picture by clicking and dragging on the boxes. Holding SHIFT while clicking and dragging will resize the Clip Art proportionately.

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