Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Now iPad can be purchased with Cash

Thanks to Diane Campbell, consumers who want to have iPad can now be bought with cash payment transactions. Apple apparently moved to revise the policy of its sales system, in response to complaints that the previous Campbell iPad not allowed to buy with cash.

How affected windfall, Campbell more complete happiness when I discovered he did not need to spend money to have the iPad. Steve Jobs' company is rewarding its iPad freely. "I'm very happy," he said semringah.

Last week, the woman's home in Palo Alto, California, this time to be disappointed because he could not bring home the coveted iPad it. Parties, to buy iPad is required to pay by credit or debit card. Yet to be able to buy the iPad, Campbell was willing to save several months to raise money amounting to U.S. $ 600.

Disappointed, Campbell also complained about this in a television show and cast an email to Apple. But then Apple confirms that consumers are required to conduct transactions through the payment of a credit or debit card, not cash. Additionally, to prevent the purchase of large quantities to be sold at a price many times, Apple is limiting each customer can only buy two units iPad. Similarly, quoted from the website description ifoAppleStore, Friday (21/05/2010).

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