Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Apple i Pods

Dear freinds you know about i pods ?I pods had been since their beginning in 2001, Apple iPods have been the product of choice for individuals who listen to digital music. Recently, Apple has branched out & allowed their iPods to display pics & play videos, but the music aspect of this digital media player is what lures hoards of people in to the Apple stores to buy an iPod.

Its simple design and large memory capacity have been defining features since the first generation. Apple iPods have come a long way since their creation, but despite all of the technological advancement, the basic form and structure has remained very similar. The iPod motif has now been emblazoned on separate pieces of hardware, including the video iPod, the incredibly little iPod Nano and the entry level iPod Shuffle. Each version is a separate entity, but each fills a niche wanted by consumers.

Starting with the iPod Shuffle, you have the lowest priced of all Apple iPods. It lacks an LCD screen and the famous touch wheel that gives you control over all of the other iPod products. In lieu you upload your play lists to the Shuffle and are given the choice to either listen to them in regular play mode or shuffle mode. The iPod Shuffle is available in sizes, gigabyte and half a gigabyte, meaning you can have up to hundred and fifty songs.

The next step up is the iPod Nano. This is the smallest of the actual Apple iPods. It contains a full color LCD screen which can be used to navigate through songs or display photographs. It is available in black or white and comes in a variety of memory sizes all above gigabyte. As an added bonus, it contains the new version of the iPod operating technique, giving you powers historicall the past bestowed only to Mac computers. At around a quarter of an inch thick and an ounce and a half in weight it is ideal for taking to the gym.

Finally, they have the granddaddy of all of the Apple iPods  the fifth generation video iPod. This iPod has a giant full color screen to show songs, pics, tv shows, movies and video podcasts. Clocking in between thirty and sixty gigabytes, you can store songs and videos on this iPod to last you through a flight around the globe.

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