Friday, November 8, 2013

Windows Phone users must update to 7 5 or else

If users dont update their Windows Phones to 7.5, they wont be able to access Marketplace.
(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET) 
Anyone with a Windows Phone that hasnt been upgraded to version 7.5 wont be able to use Microsofts Marketplace app store as of today.

Microsoft announced today that in order to download, buy, update, or review apps in Marketplace, users have to be running Windows Phone 7.5. This change is required for both the phone and web Marketplace storefronts.

"Most phones are already running Windows Phone 7.5, which was released last fall, and so most of you wont notice anything different about how the Marketplace works," Microsofts director of program management, Mazhar Mohammed, said in a blog post today. "However, if your phone has an earlier version of our software installed, youll soon start seeing an error message when you try to download a new app, or update one you already own."

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