Friday, December 27, 2013

Five key features of windows 8

1) Windows 8 is touch friendly, it has on-screen keyboard and handwriting recognition, the menus will appear as tiles which will be quicker and easier for a user to get access to a program.

2) It supports multiple monitors, if you connect two monitors then the start screen will appear on one monitor and the desktop will appear on the other. You can have two taskbar with different icons and can set different backgrounds too.


3)The old windows start menu has been changed you don’t get the windows iconic start menus instead of it you will get a start screen, on clicking the start  button in windows 8 it will take you back to the same touch menu tiles start screen, one that we see in Windows Phone 7s home screen.

4) Windows 8 has charms functionality, which gives you a quick access to several common features like search, sharing, the start screen, hardware device, and settings.

5)The most important features that windows 8 includes is Windows store, you can buy windows apps and a ecosystem for developers.It may also include some free apps.


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