Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Play with your photographs Photofunia

After a long break I am back with a tutorial, this tutorial is about spicing up your photographs in a number of ways. Recently I have gone through a website called, it performs as its name
says, yes it generates our photograph in a funny sense. But with the choice of appropriate effects it could even generate photographs that are so realistic that cant be guessed as an edited one. has more than one hundred various effects, each gives unique realistic textures to the images. It keeps the process in such a way that everyone can take the taste of it. Inspite of mess up processes it allows an user to perform all the editing in only two or three steps. So its very easy to use.

Just visit the website and select any one of the effects from the bunch of effects that are available right there. After that browse a photograph from your system and upload that out. After that click on go button to generate the process which will produce an image with that selected effect.

You can also download the photofunia application for your mobile devices. The download link is available on their website. One can also generate different types of cards there. You will be much clear after visiting the website. So do visit the website and keep spicing up your photographs. Thanks

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