Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Reasons Your Iphone May fail to Connect To The Internet

In some occasion, you may encounter rare cases and issues sending or receiving messages, photos, or videos, and unable to connect to the internet. This may probably be as a result of your phones internet connection, or a problem with your wireless carrier or Internet service provider.

Most connections issues can be resolved by adhereing to the following:

Basic troubleshooting

  • Confirm you are using the right configuration settings with the right mobile Operator Sim or youre subscribed to a data plan of your choice
  • Restart your iPhone
    • Hold the On/Off button until "slide to power off" appears. Slide to power off your device. When it is off, press the On/Off button to turn it back on
      In iPhone Settings, Turn Airplane Mode ON then OFF
    • In iPhone Settings > General > Reset > tap [Reset Network Settings] (This will delete all your saved Wi-Fi passwords)
    • Upgrade or restore your iPhones iOS to the latest version for your device. See this article for instructions. 

    If you use an unlocked iPhone or a pre-paid SIM card, then you may need to adjust your phones APN settings for your SIM card. Please you can make use of this blogs search bar and search this blog for previous posts I have rendered on this.

    If your school or the corporate organisation where you work has Wi-Fi that has firewall restrictions in place, then you should contact your network administrator for help with accessing the internet Wi-Fi network.


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