Friday, January 10, 2014

5 Tips For Protecting Your Email Privacy

Internet world is full of scammers and spammers. To protect your email privacy from scammers and spammers taking appropriate measures is highly recommended. Hackers might hack your email and steal your personal and valuable informations. To protect your email from intruders read and follow the guidelines given below.

Tips To Protect Your Email Privacy

1) Use a Strong Password
Try to use a strong password to protect your email from being stolen by hackers. It becomes difficult to crack your password by them when you use a strong password.

2) Beware Public PCs
Be sure that you have logged out your account whenever you check your email on a public PC. Even then there might be some possibilities that next user could gain access to some private informaton about you.

3) Protect Your Address
Dont give your email address to the whole world. Try not to include your email address in comments in blog posts or in social media posts. Spammers and scammers always try to look for new victims and they scrape pages in search of emails.

4) Dont be fooled
Dont be fooled by fraud mails that are designed to steal your password. Dont try to click to any link that looks suspicious otherwise you are in a big trouble.

5) Use Encryption
Whenever you are sending some sensitive information by email, try to use encryption techniques. Store the document in an encrypted zip file. You can also use free encryption product like PrivateSky.

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