Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to do an Evernote advanced search using Dates

Evernote provides some nifty search syntax that makes the searching of notes very easy. In this article,  well look at some date-specific search operators.

When I process the notes in my Action Pending notebook in Evernote, I always want to process the most recent notes from the past week. I can do that using the following search syntax:


In plain English, this means: Find me all the notes that were created in Evernote since one week ago. You can substitute other values to vary the time periods in your search:

For example,
replace created with updated - now you search based on the date of modification instead of creation
replace day with month or year - the period  is taken with respect to months and years instead of days
replace day-x with specific date in YYYYMMDD format e.g. 20130325 for 25-March-2013

You will notice that the searches return results up till the present day. If you want to further restrict the end date to a specific date, you can by augmenting the search syntax, albeit in a slightly unwieldy way.  The example below will highlight the difference:

created:month-4 [returns all notes created up from 4 months ago]

created:month-4 -created:month-3 [returns all notes created up from 4 months ago but not from 3 months ago]

The additional syntax in the second example tells Evernote not to search for those notes created 3 months ago. The net effect is that only notes created exactly 4 months ago are returned.

You can now combine these date operators with other non-date operators to come up with pretty powerful search syntax.

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