Friday, January 17, 2014


Tweaker is sure one of those great app you will find in Google Play store and other app stores around the web to magically configure your smartphone internet settings. Tweakerker makes it quicker to set and configure your phone APN, MMS, and GPRS in a giffy. one crazy thing is that you just need a three to four clicks to get everything working silky smooth with your internet connection

I dont have much time to explain how this shit works. Ever since i stumbled on this app and how it works. Ive been able to respond reliably to request from mobile phone users with various network provider on How to configure their smartphone for accessing the web.

This pretty app works in three 3 distinct ways:

  • 1. it selects your operator or service provider from a default list covering over countless services provider from over 220 countries.
  • 2. Sets up up internet and MMS APN for sending photos over edge/GPRS/3g networks.
  • 3. Selects a subscription plan too for your network.

Ive this conviction that, no any other APN Manager does the clean job of setting up internet connection on your android as tweakker.

Theres is no harm in giving tweakker a trail as it is very much free of charge to use. that is to say you pay $0.00 for using this app.

You can download the Latest version of tweakker here for full support.


its Just a three to four clicks to settle your android internet connection.

First download and install the app normally

Launch the app to come up with the screen to begin set up of your internet connection. Then Click Begin Setup

Select your network provider or operator from the Hugh list shown. see the image below!

After selection of your network operator, click on the confirm button and wait for just a second for settings to be loaded.

After that, your default APN settings will change automatically after Tweakker Loads your selected Settings

You can now launch your devices browser and start surfing.


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