Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to Insert a Pound Symbol on Your Laptop

Sometimes, you may want to type a currency symbol, like a pound (£) on a notepad or email application but find that the application does not provide a feature for inserting special symbols. You could use the insert symbol feature in say Microsoft Word and copy and paste the symbol over to your application. But there is a much faster way via your laptop keyboard.

First, you need to activate the numeric key pad by pressing the Num Lock (NumLk) key. On my Acer laptop, this key is located on the F11 key. To activate it, you need to hold down the Function (Fn) key and press the F11 key. You should see a confirmation of this activation. For example, I will see a lock symbol flash momentarily across my screen.

Keyboard showing position on Function and Num Lock key as well as the numeric keypad
How to activate the numeric keypad on my Acer laptop
To insert a Pound symbol i.e. £, simply hold down the Alt key and while it is still held down, type out the number 0163 on the numeric keypad one at a time. You should see the pound sign "typed out". And dont forget to deactivate the numeric keypad (same way as you activate) so that you can use the alphabet keys again.

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