Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to Link to a YouTube Video at a Specific Time

Everyone send links to YouTube via email, Twitter or Facebook all the time. Sometimes you just want your friends to start watching from a specific time in the video. Sure, you can state the starting time in your message, but wouldnt it be more cool if they can click on the link and start watching from a preset time in the video?

The trick is to add the start time information to the end of the URL that you send out. For example, suppose I want to share the following YouTube video on motivation.

What if I only want to draw attention to the segment starting at the 4 minutes and 25 second mark, showing the boxing scene. I would like most people just mention that in the email or Tweet so that the recipient can move to that mark and start viewing.

Instead, you could add the &t=4m25s to the end of the URL to tell YouTube to start running the video at the 4 minutes and 25 seconds mark. The URL would look like this: Notice the time information that was appended to the end of the URL.

YouTube video starting to play at 4:26 mark
YouTube video starting to play at a preset 4:26 mark in the video

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