Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to Reopen a Closed Tab in Chrome

Though I try not to do it, I will sometimes open way too many tabs all at once on my browser. One downside of that is I may accidentally close one of the tabs that I did not intend to close. And worse than that is I cannot remember which site I was browsing on that tab.

To quickly reopen the closed tab go the the Chrome history page using the shortcut key Ctrl+H or selecting the History option from the drop down menu.

You will get a listing of your recently opened paged sorted by date and time of visit. If you can see the site from the list, clicking on it will reopen it in a new tab. If you cannot see it at a glance, do a search in the search box and click on Search History button to get a shorter list containing only the search text.

History page in Chrome
The History page in Chrome - Search for recent pages or scroll down the list

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