Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to rotate a video in VLC player

Today I am going to show you how to rotate a video in VLC media player. It is very interesting. This feature is useful when we capture videos in cell phones. When we record a video in cell phone by placing the cell phone in portrait mode, it will appear as 90 degree rotated video on computer.
So it is difficult to watch the video on computer, then we always think of how to rotate the video. VLC media player has an amazing feature called Extended settings which helps us to edit videos and audios. Recently I have captured a video on my friends Bday. When I watched this video on computer, it appeared as a 90 degree rotated video, then i suddenly came across this feature of vlc media player and finally with the help of extended settings fixed that out. Since it was helpful for me I think it will be helpful for you someday. Without discussing further lets learn how to rotate a video.

Follow the following steps

1) Play the video in VLC media player. If you dont have VLC then download it from filehippo.com
2) Now go to Tools, under it select the option Extended settings

3) Under Extended settings click on Video Effects

4) Under Video Effects click on Geometry tab

5) Then click on Rotate and adjust the angle of rotation. As you change the angle your video will start changing.

6) Then click on Close and watch the video

Thats all about rotating a video using vlc media player. Subscribe Us

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