Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Use Siri to Take Notes

Have you ever had a thought and needed to capture it on your iPhone notes but just did not have both hand free to do the typing - perhaps you were holding something in the other hand for example. You can use  Siri , the intelligent personal assistant from iPhone - to take a note for you with little more than 1 or 2 voice commands while holding the phone in one hand.

First, activate Siri using the long press on the home button. Then tell Siri to open Note. You can do that in several ways by issuing any one of the voice commands below:

  • "Create Note "
  • "Start a note"
  • "Take note"

Now, you tell Siri how you want to  title this note

"<Your note title>". 

For example, I said "Grocery Shopping" to get Siri to name the note as "Grocery Shopping" note.

Creating a new note using iPhones virtual assistant - Siri
Creating a new note using Siri on the iPhone 
Now, you tell Siri what to put into this new note using either a one-line or 2-line command

  • "Add <Your note>". 
  • "Add" followed by "<Your note>"

For example, I can say "Add" followed by  "Buy Milk" or simply "Add Buy Milk" to get Siri to put the phrase "Buy Milk" into my "Grocery shopping" note.

While Siri is useful for adding a note, just be aware that are other things that Siri cannot do with Notes, like deleting a note, so you will still need to do that yourself.

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