Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to use Toodledo as a Powerful To Do List

Heard of Toodledo? This is is a powerful, online to-do list that keep tracks of all your tasks to help you be more organized, motivated and be more productive. I have been using Toodledo for some years now and it is one of my Top 10 applications that I on almost a daily basis. Cant live without it.

You can register for a free account here. Right off the bat, you can write a description of you new task and hit Enter.

Adding a new task in Toodledo
Adding a new task in Toodledo
Toodledo offers many nice features that include:

  • Organizing your tasks using folders, contexts and subtasks
  • Hotlist
  • Alarms
  • Multiple platforms
  • Collaboration
  • Import existing tasks

Whether you are a GTDer or just someone who wants to be more organized in your life, Toodledo helps you to keep track of all your tasks so that you can stay more organized, motivated and productive. It is one application that you should have in your tool belt. Dont wait anymore. Head over to the Toodledo,com to find out more.

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