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Simple Ways to Get a Domain Name Completely Free of Cost

When it comes to setting up your business online, the first thing you need is a website. If you dont have a website or it is not impressive enough to entice your visitors, you are not going to survive in the online world of business. Even if you have designed a website,
the next step is to have it published. For this reason, you need a hosting service as well as a domain name. If you own a small business or you simply need a website to raise information about a subject, you can also try free domain names from different websites.

More about Domain Names
Just like sings of shops, your domain name is used to identify you over the internet. Its basically an identification string used to define a diverse range of administrative autonomy or control over the internet.

The Cost of Buying a Web Domain
If you own a large company, you should have your website by the name of your company. In other words, you should pick a domain name that is exactly the same as your company name is, but it is sometimes quite expensive to get such specific names. For instance, "" cost around $7 million in 2004, whereas "" cost $5.1 million when Toys R Us bought it in 2009.

Finding a Free Web Domain
It is possible to find free domain names, but you should be using them if you need a place to share your ideas and thoughts with online community – they are not the best for hosting ecommerce websites. These free domain providers offer interesting features, but quite obviously, they cannot match the quality of services you get from those who charge. Still, these free domain name providers are good for you to maintain a presence online without any great expense.

The only thing with these free service providers is that they want you to use their name at the end of your selected domain name. For instance, Blogger offers a free service and allows you to set up your website, but in return, it asks you to end your domain name with "". It means that if your domain name is "XYZ", it will become "".

It is worth mentioning that along with asking you mention their name at the end of your domain name, some service providers would also want you to run adverts on your website. Here are a few good options you can consider when look for free hosting services. Just keep in mind that at the time of creating this list, all these websites have been offering quality services and none of them was involved in any fraudulent activity. Still, it is a good idea to read some latest reviews about these services before making a choice.

1) is a nice option, especially considering the fact that if offers 500M of disk space – it comes with a 5GB Data Transfer limit. Interestingly, you dont have to place any adverts on your pages, but still, you will have to end your domain name with ""

2) is another popular choice and offers 200MB of disk space with 2GB of bandwidth – you dont have to pace an advert for this package. However, you can enjoy 500MB of space if you choose to host a banner at the top of your website – the bandwidth in this case will go up to 10GB. It also comes with five mailboxes. You have to add "" at the end of your domain name.

3) has now become a good choice for hosting your website. With a disk space of 1.5 GB and data transfer limit of 100GB, it offers enough space to host your website. Though it doesnt require you to run adverts, it will have a mess at the bottom of each page stating that this is a free web hosting by 000webhost. You will have to add "" at the end of your domain name.

4) offers 5.5 GB of disk space with a data transfer limit of up to 200 GB. It requires you to add "" at the end of your domain name.

     It is important to mention that sometimes you already have a domain name and only want a hosting service with no advertising. This is when you can opt for sites like "", "", "", " and "". Some of these sites come with a CMS device that enables you create a website quickly. So, pick a service as per your needs, but dont forget to check their terms and conditions before making a move.

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