Thursday, January 30, 2014

There were Errors Loading the Picasa Database What Next

This morning, when I started up my laptop, I saw a Windows low disk space warning message but dismissed it. Later in the morning, when I started up my Picasa, I go the following error message.
There were errors loading the Picasa database. Would you like to see the error log? 
When I opened up the error log, this was what I saw.
After some researching online, I found that my Picasa database was most likely corrupted (due to the low disk space) and the recommended solution was to rebuild the Picasa database. I thought this would be straightforward enough, but when I tried to uninstall Picasa, I again got an error message:
The installer is unable to close Picasa. Please check that it is closed and other users dont have it open
After spending 1+ hours going through various trial-and-error and trying different suggestions, I finally stumbled on the solution, which I will share here in case you encounter the same issue. Simply browse to the folder username > AppData > Local > Google > Picasa2 and rename the db3 folder (I renamed mine db3-old as shown below). Once you have done that, you should have not problem uninstalling and re-installing Picasa again.

Renaming db3 folder in Picasa2 subfolder
Renaming existing db3 in Picasa2 folder

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