Saturday, January 18, 2014

Use Google as a Calculator and a Converter

Google has always been our first choice as a search engine, it offers us multiple functionalities. But most of us are not aware of this multifunctional search engine, have you ever used Google as a calculator with most of the scientific elements or as a parameter converter ?
I think you havent. Though the downgrading Indian economy stands like a headache for everyone, somehow it helps me to know this Unique feature of Google, I was typing on my search bar 1 dollar= inr and Google instantly resulted a currency converter, similarly I got to know about the Calculator. 

In this tutorial I am going to explain the process of finding out the Calculator and Converter in Google search.   Being an association of  Google, the operations will be resulted well in Google Chrome. Here I go.

Follow the following steps
1) Go to Google
2) Then type on search bar 1 dollar= inr, you will be redirected to the currency converter

3) Now type 234*78 ( you can type your own ), this will result a calculator with some of the scientific operations like trigonometric functions, square root, logarithmic value, exponential value etc

4) Finally type 1kg=pounds to find out the Weight converter

You can generalise this trick to find out the other parameter converters like temperature, length etc. Hope you like the tutorial. If you have any query feel free to ask.  

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