Tuesday, February 4, 2014


A fair glance at the blackberry app store in search of font apps will definitely roll out a pretty sum of apps that helps you out with different fonts to use on your blackberry. Most of these app are for sale and requires a little buck from you. Some are available free for a certain trail period.

This simple tutorial packaged here is to show you how you can get your favorite font from around the web and have it installed on your blackberry device for your own use. the use of favorite font types helps add flavour to the display of your smartphone.

There are thousands of site out there with download links to countless number of font types on the internet.

The one Ive used in this tutorial is from datfont.com. You can source for open source fonts from FontZone too. The downloaded font comes as a .ttf format. (true type format)


Quickly Download any font of your choice from Dafont.com

The downloaded font should come as a .ttf file extension. kindly rename the .ttf file extension to a .fontfor example, instagram.ttf should be renamed to instagram.font

Go to your device memory Storage folder (Device ) using your blackberry File manager

Make sure you click on the show hidden option on your blackberry to reveal hidden folders

Navigate to the directory .... /Device Memory/appdata/rim/fonts

Paste the downloaded font Here after renaming in the font folder.

You can now reboot or restart your Blackberry Device and navigate to options to select the font youve already installed

With this method, you can virtually Install any font downloadable on the internet and use it on your blackberry device. I hope it works for you. Thanks

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