Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to mark your emails with different colored stars

Gmail has introduced a brand new feature to mark important email messages with different colored stars, checks and bangs . Earlier we have only one yellow colored star to highlight important emails. Now it is available in three different presets namely one star,

four stars and all stars. The one star preset will give you the vintage yellow colored star only that has been used already by many of us. The four color preset will add up three more characters one blue star, one check and one bang. Lastly, the all stars preset will avail all kind of stars for your email messages it includes six stars, three bangs, one check, one question mark and one guillemet.

In this tutorial I am going to discuss the process of using this feature. The process has been explained briefly as follows.

Steps to follow
1) Sign In to your Gmail account
2) Now click on Settings
3) Scroll down to get the option Star
4) Now drag the stars from Not in use to In use
Use the Preset options
5) Now go to Inbox
6) To mark the emails with the colored stars keep on click the star button available before the email message until your desired star occurs.

This is all about using the new colored star feature of Gmail. Use the most convenient markups to highlight the emails as important, that will be helpful for you. Subscribe us for more updates.

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