Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Split Keyboard on Your iPad

If you need to type something quickly on your iPad while you are on the move, you would find it unwieldy to hold your iPad with one hand while typing with the other. In that case, you may want to hold you iPad with both hands while typing. Possible, you ask?. Read on.

The trick is to change your keyboard layout, specifically split your keyboard into 2. To do that, use one of the two methods outlined below.

1) Using the swiping motion

Place one finger from each hand - thumbs work best - on the keyboard while holding the short edge of your iPad with each hand i.e. in a landscape mode.

Slide your fingers / thumbs apart, moving each towards the side of the iPad, like so.

Swiping the keyboard of the iPad to split it into 2
Swiping apart to split the keyboard

2) Using the menu option

Locate the key on your iPad with keyboard icon.

Tap and hold for 1-2 seconds. You should see a context menu displayed. Tap on Split.

The context menu triggered from the keyboard on iPad
Click on the Split option in the menu

Your keyboard should look like this after the splitting is done.

Split keyboard on the iPad
Split keyboard on the iPad

To revert back to the normal keyboard, just do the opposite. Swipe your fingers towards the middle to merge the split keyboard. Or activate the menu and tap Merge to get the same result.

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