Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Store Email Attachment on the Cloud

Have you ever tried to move your email attachments on the cloud? Most likely, this would involve downloading the attachments onto your desktop and syncing it with your cloud storage service account. Now, using a new web service named kloudless, you can do this with much less hassle. 

kloudless - leveraging cloud storage services to store email attachments

kloudless is a free web service – not a cloud service - that helps to streamline cloud workflow by moving content between email and cloud services. Still in beta at the time of this writing, it provides support for Gmail. Microsoft Outlook will be supported in the near future.

How to Setup kloudless

Step 1: Install Kloudless extension for Chrome

kloudless is available as an extension in the Chrome Web Store (Dont know how to install? Read this tutorial)

Kloudless extension in the Chrome Web Store
Installing the Kloudless extension from Chrome Web Store

During installation, kloudless will request for your authorization to "talk" to your Google account, so that it can access your email attachment in Gmail.

Kloudless requesting permission to access your Google account
Granting  Kloudless access to your Google account according to TOS

Step 2 Connect to at least one cloud storage account

After installation, click on the kloudless Beta icon on the top right of your Gmail, click on Settings and select the cloud storage account that you have and want Kloudless to store the attachment on. Click on the Connect button and follow the process. kloudless currently supports Google Drive, Dropbox and

Kloudless prompting to connect to one cloud storage service
Kloudless currently supports Dropbox, and Google Drive

Step 3 Copy or Move Email Attachment to the Cloud

In Gmail, when you receive an email with attachment, you should be able to see the Copy, Move and Delete option.

Kloudless copy/move options in Gmail
You will see additional Copy/Move options from Kloudless next to your Gmail attachment

Click on Copy/Move and select the folder that you want kloudless to drop the email attachment in. Click on either Copy or Move.

Selecting Google Drive folder to copy or move the Gmail attachment
Selecting the folder in Google Drive to copy / move the attachment

You see that the attachment is now replaced with a View // Download (via Kloudless) link  in your Gmail. Clicking it will bring you to the email attachment on the cloud.

Kloudless link in Gmail account back to cloud storage service
Kloudless provides a link within your Gmail back to the email attachment stored on your cloud storage account

If you have concerns about security, kloudless provides bank level security when transferring the file over to the cloud, and they have a dedicated team that looks at security. If you need to declutter your inbox of your attachment, or simply have a central area where you can share you attachments, kloudless is one service worth looking at.

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