Thursday, February 6, 2014

My one year experience of Blogging

Today I am going to share my one year experience of blogging, this has been a good experience for me. From the day I launched this blog I have never felt bored about blogging, it always gives me new hope and ambition with which I am lasting as a blogger for almost one year. In its inception I was not pretty sure about its growing but gradually I started loving it. 
clearly remembered the day I published my first post on windows named it as How to make your PC perform faster and it got traffics just after one or two days of publication, when I used to show viewers reading my post I felt myself the happiest one. As a blogger you might know that at the very beginning we all try and eagerly wait to index our post on Google search, if Google shows our post then we feel some kind of relaxation in us. The same was happened to me, before making a technology startup blog I used to write topics on current news on my blog giving it a name Wisdomgraffiti, but I did not succeed with it, Google indexed my post after more than five pages of Google search, in that time I was really disappointed so I changed my blogging topic to how to tutorials and technology review, though it was not stand like a magical lamp for me but I can say it was better than the before. Now I was able to index my post easily on Google. Google indexed my post on the first page of Google search.

It is true that people are not satisfied easily, they always want more, if one gets a coin of bronze he tries to make it silver, and then tries to make it gold, similarly after successfully indexing my post on Google and receiving good numbers of traffic for my blog, I somehow felt of making money from it so now I want Google AdSense to approve me and other pay per click advertisements, it was very easy for me to get approved by chitika and infolinks but it was tough to getting AdSense approval. I always cleared the 1st step of AdSense approval but failed to pass the second step, it brought down my hope of making money out of blogging. But I did not leave posting new articles in my blog, after 8 months of my blogging, one day I reapplied for AdSense program, but this time I was not disappointed, yes I was approved by Google AdSense. Now I was able to show AdSense ads on my blog as millions of bloggers do. It brought a professional look to my blog, I started getting more traffics. It again boosts me up for blogging, now I am running my blog very nicely, I write 3 or 4 posts per week and get more than 20000 of visitors per month with a good alexa ranking. I have recently got five new guest blogger, they write for my blog. That’s all about my blogging experience. Thanks

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